I painted these wonderful orphans for my senior art show. If you want to support the Hope Home orphanage, you may contribute by owning prints of the artwork, or by donating. To learn more about this project, click here.

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Artist Statement


      My paintings represent a group of orphans and caregivers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with whom I had the privilege of serving and spending time for two weeks. While I was there, I was inspired to create paintings of the children which tell a part of their individual stories. The paintings were silent auctioned during my senior art show at Northwest Nazarene University with proceeds going directly to help fund a sustainable sewage system for the orphanage. 19 paintings have been sold and there are 6 originals left. Prints have also been a great addition to furthering this cause. The paintings have raised over $2,000 so far. The sewage system will cost approximately $19,000 and the collective fund is halfway there. 

     There are two sides to the orphanage and the children belong to one or the other: Rainbow of Love and Hope Home. The children in Rainbow of Love are orphans waiting for adoption. The children who are in Hope Home have disabilities and need extra care. I have distinguished the Rainbow of Love children’s portraits with a background of stripes and the Hope Home children with a single color gradient background. I used oil paint on canvas to capture the orphans’ faces with a bright and vibrant color palette of Haiti. While Port-au-Prince has many grey walls, there is a wonderful amount of color reflected in the life and people I encountered. I have done my best to portray the orphans in a good light, while remaining honest about the reality in which they live. I ultimately hope that this project will make a difference in the lives of those whom I have painted, and instill a spirit of love in those who view it.